Schnucks Implements GlobalWorx OOS-Alert Solution

Richmond, Va. June 26, 2018 – GlobalWorxTM, the first industry collaboration platform for the store-level control of fast-moving consumer goods, announces Schnuck Markets, Inc. is adopting the GlobalWorx OOS-Alert solution across all stores. GlobalWorxTM is a multi-channel program that offers benefits to vendors, distributors, Schnucks and mutual customers. Stores will be able to communicate service[…]

Costs of Inventory Distortion

Who is to blame for inventory distortion? In a 14.5 trillion dollar retail economy there is still much to be desired with revenue opportunities being left on the table. With approximately 1.1 trillion dollars of worldwide-lost sales opportunities to inventory distortion there is no question as to why there are major concerns. Leading causes of[…]

Making Effective Use Of Data

  In order to maximize results at store level, retailers and manufacturers need to eliminate their age-old practice of working in silos. They each have their own language and way of doing things that have been built up over decades of doing businesses as separate entities. While sharing POS data is a small step, collaboration[…]

We’ve got an App for That

  These days there is an app for just about everything imaginable. While some of the games are fun, at GlobalWorx we like focus on productivity. Life is not waiting for you to slide into the chair behind your computer screen. Scanning out-of-stocks, filling orders, and resetting stores are just few of the thousands of[…]

Improved Communication Improves Out-of-Stocks

We all know the supplier ecosystem is a complex one. Retailers are consumer facing, but they are not alone in responsibility for out-of-stocks. Between providing too much product, improper delivery schedules and not being able to fill orders in a timely manner the suppliers are responsible for billions of dollars of lost sales opportunities as[…]

Retailer and Supplier Data Integration

How do you project shipments to specific retailers to make sure you optimize on shelf availability? Is there one specific piece of retailer data that you rely on to generate a shipment or are you confused by the disparity of the data formats provided by retailers? Approximately 83% of retailers are providing POS data to[…]