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Master Out-of-Stocks

With OOSalert™


FINALLY, a practical and effective solution to the most pervasive drain on sales, shopper experience and profits in fast-moving consumer goods retailing — store Out-of-Stocks.

With OOSalert™ from GlobalWorx, success-oriented retailers have a great opportunity to enhance in-stock position, shopper experience and associated sales and profit results.

OOSalert supports superior shelf practice with reliable detection and streamlined communications.

The benefit is a sales increase of 2-3 percentage points.

OOSalert is specifically designed to connect the retailer’s vital OOS information with its supplier ecosystem. The objective is to deliver notifications to suppliers that are accurate, timely (daily), and actionable (by retailer, by store, by item).

Our premise is simple – suppliers covet this information and will use it to improve their in-stock positions thereby benefiting the retailer, the consumer and themselves.

The Out-of-Stock Alert Process:

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Beyond the increase in sales, upping your in-stock performance brings a host of benefits for retailers, DSD vendors and manufacturers.

OOSalert leverages The GlobalWorx Collaboration Process to establish a user-friendly solution that notifies suppliers so that products can be replaced in a timely manner. Retailers improve customer satisfaction and boost productivity by smoothing the processes between retailers and vendors.

With OOSalert, retailers contact suppliers immediately and directly with real-time notification of shelf issues.


The Collaboration Process addresses each out-of-of stock issue using the following five-step sequence:

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OOSalert takes a complex communication process and makes it simple to implement. You provide the contacts; we do the rest. We connect your vendor community, and provide set-up to load vendor, distributor and manufacturer contacts into one app. The video below provides a brief overview of the program.






Data sharing between retailers and suppliers benefits both parties. Benefits extend upstream to manufacturers, creating a ‘win-win-win’ for retailers and partners. Learn more about how we enable collaboration here:

Survey Data
Field Force
Out of Stock
Follow shelf-level activities from detection to resolution 
Information capture for MSOs, retailers, and brands
Comprehensive tool set for merchandising organizations
Put GlobalWorx in the hands of decision makers and your people on the front lines
Detect, notify, track and correct out-of-stocks with unprecedented effectiveness