Optimize Your Field Organization

On the GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform

MERCHANDISING SERVICES ORGANIZATIONS play a vital role in ensuring that merchandising and promotion plans are faithfully executed in the stores. These people are your hands on the front lines, responsible for the intricate detail tasks that keep shelves properly stocked and shoppers satisfied.

GlobalWorx provides a comprehensive Field Management System that empowers field success, encompassing Project and Schedule Management, Data Collection, Issue Tracking, BI & Analytics.

Running on the GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform, it provides real-time operational transparency to maximize revenue and reduce cost. It enables a web of collaboration between consumer packaged goods companies, suppliers, merchandising organizations and retailers.

With GlobalWorx, business partners define and coordinate projects and evaluate success at retail locations.

Through the GlobalWorx  platform, MSOs connect to all business partners, enabling you to schedule, manage, verify, and report on all activities within your organization. Benefits include:

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Increased Knowledge
  • Reduced Cost
  • Pay for work performed

MSOs rely on GlobalWorx Field Force Management to work seamlessly to Schedule, Manage, Verify and Report in-store activities, using nearly any kind of mobile or web-connected devices. GlobalWorx cloud-based technology brings structure and automation to an otherwise complex, inefficient and time-consuming process.

With GlobalWorx, suppliers and merchandisers get information that is accurate, timely, and actionable. Our premise is simple — great partners crave this information and are highly motivated to use it to improve their in-stock positions and brand awareness, with benefits that accrue to themselves, the retailer and the consumer.

Field Force Management Features:

  • Schedule management
  • Project management
  • Automated schedule notification
  • Real-time alerts for schedule changes
  • Assign labor hours by task
  • Finance tracking
  • Dashboard reporting
  • GPS tracking
  • Photo upload
  • Surveys