Introducing the GlobalWorx Issue Tracker

All businesses must contend with problems, even the most organized and well-run companies. What sets apart the great companies apart from the good companies is how well they manage the issue encountered. Whether it is a big issue or a small one, the best companies have a process in place that enables quick resolution. Timely and efficient customer service is the hallmark of a great retailer. It fosters excellent customer relationships and strong brand loyalty.

GlobalWorx Issue Tracker allows users to follow and issue from entry to resolution. It centralizes and simplifies the tracking processes for internal and external problems. System users define the issues they want to track. When an issue is encountered it is entered into the system. The GlobalWorx platform can respond instantly with instructions for resolution during the same visit, which saves valuable time. Even when follow-ups are required, prompt assignment reduces costly lag while ensuring shopper satisfaction.

Issues are bound to appear from time to time. Whether you are sending in reset teams, keeping shelves full and faced, or making sure displays are updated and stocked hurdles are bound to arise throughout the process. Resolve these issues quickly and easily with the GlobalWorx Issue Tracker.