Research indicates that out-of-stock rates on regularly priced items average 8% while promoted items average 13% to 15% costing the grocery industry 4% in lost sales every year. Yet, over half of supplies aren't even aware that their product isn't on store shelves.

Alleviate this problem with GlobalWorx Real Time Out-of-Stock Notifications sent directly from store to supply chain. When a product is out-of-stock or there is a critical service issue, GlobalWorx automated system communicates from retail store to supplier in real-time, handling out-of-stocks from identification to resolution to analysis.

Simplify OOS communication from retail store directly to supplier in real time.

  • Disseminate Daily Out-of-Stocks
  • Priority Item Availability
  • Ad Item Availability
  • Criteria-based Issue Tracking
  • Automated Issue Resolution
  • Scorecards
  • Reports

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2Source:FMI(Food Marketing Institute)/GMA(Grocery Manufactures Association)