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RETAILERS BATTLE continuously against the negative consequences of out of stocks. The price is steep:

>> 4% in lost sales every year because of OOS

>> 70% of shoppers defect to another retailer when faced with repeated OOS

What’s needed: an effective and practical solution that works continuously in the background, detecting and reporting issues as they occur, so they can be rapidly and accurately remediated in the store.

The answer: The GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform with OOSalert™, an advanced notification system that helps you and your trading partners locate, notify and correct costly Out-of-Stocks and other merchandising issues in hours instead of days. As a result, your shoppers are more satisfied. You recapture sales that would otherwise be lost. Multi-day out of stocks become a thing of the past. You grow sales and enhance shopper loyalty.

GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform

Regardless of the source of a detected critical service issue (CSI), an Automated Vendor Notification, (AVN) simplifies communication from retailer directly to supplier and/or third party in real time.

Contact Management and Collaboration

Notifications, communications and reporting are automated and role-based:
  • Store/Supplier Specific Contact Information
  • Item Specific Tracking
  • Automated Escalation Tracking
  • User Defined Escalation Protocols
  • Manage Issue Life Cycle

GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform – Advantages for Retailers:

  • Increased sales
  • Higher customer retention
  • Larger baskets
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Increased trip frequency
  • Real-time, accurate vendor database / contact management