Win at the Shelf

With the GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform

SUPERMARKETS are mightily challenged by merchandising intricacy. Most tasks and decisions made at store level are not individually difficult, but managing them continuously in vast numbers takes masterful planning and well-designed solutions and practices.

This intricacy encompasses an ecosystem of trading partners, service organizations, retail personnel and other entities that touch the store on a daily basis. For most there exists no enterprise-wide mechanism to consistently and efficiently manage this enormous collection of touch points.

GlobalWorx developed its Collaboration Platform to address this challenge.

Retailers, MSOs, Manufacturers and DSD vendors work seamlessly to schedule, manage, verify and report in-store activities, using nearly any kind of mobile or web-connected devices. GlobalWorx cloud-based technology brings structure and automation to an otherwise complex, inefficient and time-consuming process.

The Collaboration Platform connects suppliers and third parties to the vital shelf-level information of their retail partners.

With GlobalWorx, suppliers and merchandisers get notifications that are accurate, timely, and actionable (by retailer, by store, by item). Our premise is simple — great partners crave this information and are highly motivated to use it to improve their in-stock positions, with benefits that accrue to themselves, the retailer and the consumer.

Issue Tracking

Follow shelf-level activities from detection to resolution

Survey Data Collection

Information capture for MSOs, retailers, and brands

Field Force Management

Comprehensive tool set for merchandising organizations


Put GlobalWorx in the hands of decision makers and your people on the front lines

Out of Stock

Detect, notify, track and correct out-of-stocks with unprecedented effectiveness