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Track and Resolve Issues

On the GlobalWorx Collaboration Platform


ISSUE TRACKING from GlobalWorx allows for real-time issue notification with predetermined issue alerts for an automated escalation process. This allows for tracking and managing issues that arise with complete visibility and reporting.

GW Issue Tracking Image Revised 2Issues are defined by the organization, and may range from incomplete merchandising tasks to planogram non-compliance, to gaps in promotion implementation, to a missing price tag or an out-of-stock. These are most often discovered by field force personnel, but may be reported by an alert department manager or even shopper feedback.

Swift capture and appropriate escalation of issues is tantamount to executional success. The GlobalWorx platform can respond instantly with instructions for resolution during the same visit, which saves valuable time and ensures shopper satisfaction. Even when follow-ups are required, prompt assignment reduces costly lag that harms the customer experience.

Reporting is built in. Managers can track issues by count, type and location and monitor resolution times. Performance results are factual, transparent and easy to roll up to the executive dashboard.

GlobalWorx Issue Tracking and Resolution Features:

• Real-Time Issue Notification
• Multiple Communication Mediums (email, phone, text, etc.)
• Track and Manage Field Issues
• Contact Management
• Automated Escalation Process
• Predetermined Issue Alerts
• Automated Notification
• Dashboard Reporting


Survey Data
Field Force
Out of Stock
Follow shelf-level activities from detection to resolution 
Information capture for MSOs, retailers, and brands
Comprehensive tool set for merchandising organizations
Put GlobalWorx in the hands of decision makers and your people on the front lines
Detect, notify, track and correct out-of-stocks with unprecedented effectiveness