– 16.99 %

Out Of Stocks

– 47.97 %

Ad Item Out of Stocks

15.30 %

Improved Sales
Opportunity Loss

-29.51 %

Critical Service Issues

-17.39 %

Multi Day OOS

Introducing GlobalWorx, a multi-channel program that helps grocery retailers and Direct Store Distributors (DSD) vendors to reduce lost sales which will drastically improve in-stock position outcomes. Just look at the results from working with one of America’s largest grocery store chains.

“We have been the beneficiaries of greater volume by virtue of revealing our OOS frequency. We are improving at a rate of 11% and 34% respectively since we began the GlobalWorx program. Exposing poor IBO performance and mix.”

– Leading DSD Supplier

And we are confident we can do the same for you.

GlobalWorx two-tiered program makes it easy

to start capitalizing on these results.

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