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MANUFACTURERS, DSD SUPPLIERS AND BROKERS are hard-pressed to meet expectations for in-store merchandising and promotional goals on a consistent basis. When the shelves suffer, so do sales and shopper brand loyalty.

The scope of the challenge is reflected in industry norms like these:
>> 4% in lost sales every year because of OOS
>> 8% OOS rate on regularly priced items
>> 13-15% OOS rate on promoted products
>> 26% of shoppers switch to a competing brand when faced with chronic OOS

What’s needed: It’s no longer acceptable for the store to be a “black box” when it comes to execution performance or Out-of-Stock information. Both warehouse-delivered and DSD brands require an effective and practical solution that continuously detects and reports issues as they occur, so they can be rapidly and accurately remediated in the store.

The answer: GlobalWorx Automated Vendor Notification (AVN) with OOSalert™, an advanced communications system that helps you find, notify and respond to costly merchandising issues and Out-of-Stocks in hours instead of days.

As a result, compliance is assured. Consumers stay satisfied and engaged with your brand. You recapture sales that would otherwise be lost. Promotion effectiveness climbs. Multi-day out of stocks become a thing of the past.

Automated Vendor Notification (AVN)

Suppliers receive store issue information that is TIMELY, ACCURATE and ACTIONABLE. Incidents are transmitted within minutes of discovery in the store.

GobalWorx OOSalert™

Simplifies OOS communication from retail stores directly to the supplier in real time.

With OOSalert and AVN, suppliers:

Benefits for Suppliers:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Visibility to distributors and retail stores
  • Improved retail relations
  • Real-time notification of OOS and Service issues
  • Optimize marketing dollars